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April 21, 2020

‘Artist Studio Series’ with Barbara Campbell-Allen

We are pleased to bring you the first instalment of our ‘Artist Studio Series’ with Ceramicist, Barbara Campbell-Allen, OAM.
In this video montage we learn about Barbara’s techniques and how the artist prepares her work for the kiln and the decorating process before the wood firing begins.

Ceramic Art of Australia
Ceramic art is magnetic because it is so mutable. Cleaved from the earth, refined by the artist’s eye and touch, then sculpted into life, the tactility of clay is magnetic, and it remains the most primal medium we have. Unlike a work fused of paint or pigment, the “skin” of a fired piece retains an integral elemental force, every sum of it’s part forms the powerful whole. Nowhere is this more potent than in monumental works created in a wood fired kiln.

“My favourite time to work the kiln is the morning shift from 3am to midday. This is when I watch the moon setting and the sun rising. This is when I read the flame and feed it every ten minutes, building up the embers and studying colour within the white heat. I know that I am essentially experimental and I accept a high rate of failure becuase I am taking clay to it’s extreme”

Barbara Campbell-Allen

View Barbara Campbell-Allen’s new sculptural works online here
Please call to speak with one of our art consultants directly – 0438 700 712
Or email [email protected]

To ensure first availability of the sculptures, works may be acquired, secured by a deposit and will remain with the gallery until the piece has been exhibited later in year.

Book Release, ‘Elemental Presence’ – Order your copy
Concurrent to the release of Campbell-Allen’s new sculptural works we have produced a limited edition and memorable visual monograph. The hard bound, hand stitched, A3 format book details the intimate nature of the artists’ work.
Please click here for more information and for pricing of the publication.
Signed copies  $140, Unsigned $120
$20 postage fee

Photographically captured by Greg Piper @blinkneye
Essay by Anna Johnson
Please note these books are selling quickly, and we advise should you be interested in acquiring a copy we recommend you contacting us directly.