Thumbnail - Izette Felthun - The Making of Female Deities

April 26, 2023

On Film: The Making of ‘Female Deities’ by Izette Felthun

Izette Felthun focuses on the female figure as a symbol of existence and presence. She is drawn to art and artefacts from the prehistoric and ancient world, recognising the cross-cultural similarities that abound in the archetypes and symbolism, binding us together as one species, with common ancestors.

Inspired by phenomenological theories of Merleau-Ponty, she believes that the body is the primary site of knowing the world.

Izette Felthun pictured amongst ‘Female Deities’ exhibition, 2023

Her pieces undergo a three-stage process – moulding, firing, and finally, release into the world. Her sense of touch and the malleability of clay, together with the unpredictability of the naked raku firing process adds energy and life to the forms.

The inner and outer surfaces of the figures are intertwined. The sculptures are powerful, united in form, and symbolize the outer garment of our inner lives. She uses colour to highlight form – to add another layer to the pieces. The white and pastel slip colours envelop the form with the feminine. The naked raku surface “blushes” like soft tender skin with the works, reinforcing a corporeal connection.

Izette’s work is a testament to the potential of ceramics to evoke thought, emotion, and another perspective on the world.

Female Deities | Izette Felthun
For artwork enquiries and acquisitions, please call 0438 700 712.
Rochfort Gallery, 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.

Front – Eve
Left – Autumn
Right – Blaze
Izette Felthun
Pictured with ‘Blaze’ and ‘Autumn’

About ‘Blaze’: “This vessel is about a deep connection to the natural world and our existence within it becoming increasingly fragile and vulnerable. It is a synthesis of two sources of inspiration – the figure and the burnt landscape. The primordial female form reinforces the symbiotic relationship between body landscape and memory. The colour and markings embody the quintessential Australian experience”

Studio Photography by Joe Kennedy