August 27, 2020

Art & Storytelling by Jo Darvall

Curator’s Notes

For Jo Darvall, art and storytelling are intrinsically linked. A love of story inspires her work, like travelling through a dream, taking the viewer in and out of the landscape and calming our consciousness. Whether she’s exploring a true historical narrative or a timeless fable, it’s the modern vibrations that interest her. The links between people and the ways in which we connect are key themes in her visual arts practice.
Jo Darvall’s new paintings are currently exhibiting in our ‘Paintings & Ceramics’ Exhibition, 14 August – 26 September, open Friday and Saturday.

Artwork Feature

Oceans‘, oil on canvas, 104 x 123cm, contemporary white frame
By Jo Darvall

About the artwork ‘Oceans’
‘Oceans’ originates from a mythical ocean exploring shifting seascape’s and changing tides. The horizon and shore line reach out to notions of immigration ships and islands hover in the distance. Interestingly, Jo Darvall’s heritage were convicts on the first fleet and a direct descendant of Nathaniel Lucas who was a master craftsman/carpenter and built some of the first buildings; a post windmill behind the Battery at Dawes Point Sydney. He married Olivia Gascoine who had 13 children.

Arcadia‘, oil on board, 47.5 x 63cm, framed in oak
By Jo Darvall

About the artwork ‘Arcadia’
“Shimmering refracted light splinting from a huge diamond sun ricochet off dry tinder sticks and cracked messy foliage. Light bouncing from one broken stick, morphing into a scratchy lyrical performance heat hovers embalming this high fluted twisted dense landscape. Widely tangled, unpredictable, toothed, eroded, deposited and reworked”

Mooro Katta‘, watercolour on paper, 60 x 73.5cm, framed in oak
By Jo Darvall

About the artwork ‘Mooro Katta’
Mooro Katta is part of a larger series of works including large scale paintings. Intimate watercolour’s such as this one are created ‘plein air’. ‘Mooro Katta’ is the Noongar name for the largest natural park in Perth (Kings Park) its larger than NYCs, Central Park. In the dreamtime of the Noongar, Waugal the rainbow serpent created the Derbari Kerrigan (Swan River) it’s a meeting place or place of celebration. The series of works ‘Mooro Katta’ are an attempt to develop a new understanding of a culturally significant and powerful area that remains a special place for everyone to share and enjoy”

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