July 29, 2020

At Home With Joanne Duffy

Perth-based artist, Joanne Duffy takes us on a journey through her habitat and neighbourhood – the ocean, bush and wetlands – just a stone’s throw away from her back door. Duffy’s paintings transcend borders, illuminating the wonders of the firmament.
Key inspirations of her work lie in interpreting the emotional response of landscape and being immersed in nature and the change of seasons.

“Each season there is a myriad of moods, colours and stimuli all within a short distance from home. The Indian Ocean is one of my favourite locations and is never the same colour with every blue imaginable. Sometimes delicate and other times dramatically evolving when the North West weather blows in.
Found objects, sketches, photos, different colour references are all collated to create an impression of that time and place. My work is based on observation but not necessarily all at the same time.
Sometimes working on an un-related drawing, gives me that time to think & process where I’ve been to develop my work even further.
Starting a new painting is always an exciting moment, the process of created new colours, mark-making and moving around the paint is all part of the expression, so the influence of my experience will come through”.

‘Waterways’, Oil on Belgian Linen, 100 x 130cm
By Joanne Duffy

“Waterways explores the ever changing profile of rural lands.
The transformation of the landscape caused by the presence of wind and water. Its arrival and existence, and the lasting effects as it disappears again. The shifting of top soils, breaking down vegetation, erosion and rebuilding the terrain. Waterways explores these ever evolving profiles over time.”

‘Still Waters’, Oil on Belgian Linen, 95 x 95 cm
By Joanne Duffy

“The discovery of a tranquil spot on a bush walk. The quiet and serene moments, water against rock. The delicate sounds of the bush, the winds, the birds; away from human development. A moment to stop, recharge and just listen.”

Joanne Duffy instilling the finishing touches on
‘Still Waters’

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