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June 17, 2020

At Home With Phillip Russell – Part 1

Video credit: Hilary Balmond and Music by Ben Jones Jazz

About the Artwork
“With a new painting in mind, I can retain a lot of visual imagery as I walk through the landscape. Without photography, I draw on my memory to bring forth the various colour and design elements, taking what I need to reconstruct them to my own purpose.
At the moment with the country in its’ post-drought and bushfire condition, the signs of regeneration are intense in terms of colour and complexity, and using a high-tone palette gives me the subtlety and delicacy which fits the interpretation of my ideas.
Everything is a construct to my own design as I endeavour to engage with a landscape newly-alive with movement and colour.” Phillip Russell

Curator’s Notes
Phillip Russell’s new artworks bring a sense of hope and faith in the re-generation of our country’s fire and drought season. Russell has used soft pastel colours to convey the landscape is young, full of life and breathing again.
Like most impressionist painters, Russell seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction. The paintings are formed from a collection of visual memories, sketches and drawings that he pieces together to create a story. The Diptych is the perfect format for this. We are taken on a journey where the eye can travel through the landscape, almost as if we were there in physical form; exploring new life within our environment and the revival of colours.

‘Pastel Hues 1’, Diptych, Oil on Canvas, 460 x 825cm (framed)
‘Pastel Hues 2‘, Oil on canvas, 760 x 505cm (unframed)

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