August 20, 2020

Bush Landscape Scenes by Paul McCarthy

Curator’s Notes

Like most impressionist painters, McCarthy paints “in the open air”, taking in all the senses, evoking the spirit of light, guided by a tapestry of line with playful pockets of colour. McCarthy’s new landscape paintings are tremendous in scale, taking the viewer directly to the scene of the painting as if you were sitting at the foot of the trees. A truly unique visual spectacle of the gentle chorus of trees all stretching in unison towards the glimpses of sunlight.
19th Century French expression ’plein air’ refers to the act of painting outdoors with the artist’s subject in full view. Artists of that period who painted outdoor landscapes included Monet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cezanne and Van Gogh.

Artwork Feature

Rock Huggers‘, oil on linen, 155 x 155cm
by Paul McCarthy

About the artwork ‘Rock Huggers’
“Sitting in the bush; taking in the gentle rustle and aroma of this magnificent visual spectacle. I love the way the seeds find enough moisture in the crack of a rock or the damp shadowy ravinesto burst into new life. Then their collective struggle begins, and the gentle chorus of trees all start stretching in unison towards the glimpses of sunlight breaking through the taller canopy. Then there are those who have fought longer and seen many a changing season who now seemingly grow straight out of the rock.”

‘Saplings at Millthorpe‘, 155 x 125cm
by Paul McCarthy

About the artwork ‘Saplings at Millthorpe’
“Travelling through the central west of New South Wales, this work was created whilst exploring the back-roads between Millthorpe and Carcoar. A quiet stop late in the afternoon, with the last rays of warmth stretching across a dry grass plain. I love this time of day when the tones and colours are an ever-changing patchwork. Advanced eucalypts tend to always have sapling at their foot, surviving on the additional moisture created from the fallen litter of the mother plant .”

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