July 16, 2020

Journey through the habitat of artist, Coco Elder

In this short documentary film of Coco Elder, we see the artist exploring and immersing herself in her habitat, Ku-Ring-Gai National Park.
Elder is naturally inspired to paint the fractured reflections of the reeds, the sky, the various greens of the surrounding bush and the vibrant Sydney sandstone submerged beneath the surface. For Elder, reflections provide a beautiful sense of movement and pattern to engage the eye. Elder’s tremendous use of intricate carved lines is truly unique and disciplined.

As a child, Coco learnt to shape pots from clay found on the side of the road with weekends spent in the Blue Mountains. Her Father, also a painter, instilled the love of oil paints and dabbling with the elements of texture, colour and movement, along with inspiring aspects of Expressionism, Abstraction and painting with light. Following the loss of her home and studio with a crashing grey gum in a storm, back in 1997, Coco was driven to complete her Bachelor of Art Education degree. Working between the disciplines of teaching and practicing artist, enables her to see ‘the other’ with fresher eyes and renewed clarity. “My teaching profession and art practice have become cyclical, one discipline feeds the other”. “Painting brings me into the highest state of consciousness. It is in this moment, I lose myself and enter a state of formlessness. The paradox is, that my practice is about creating forms and shaping narratives. It is a journey that keeps me continually seeking….”.


‘Dappled Light at Salvation Creek’
oil on board carved, 90 x 60 cm
‘Salvation Creek Bejeweled’
oil on board carved
104 x 204cm
‘The Understory – Mount Field’
oil on board carved
94 x 124 cm

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