Nat Ward YouTube-01

June 4, 2020

Journey through the habitat of Nat Ward

About the Artworks
“These new works are reflections of my walks and swims around the Murray River and Wetlands. Rather than interpreting the landscape in a totally realistic way, I am more interested in the nuances being played out within the landscape itself and then in the paintings as I work on them. The negative spaces between the trees for example, the patterns in the grass and water and the ambiguity of space and perspective.
It’s important that the paintings are more than an obvious landscape, I want the viewer to almost travel through them; to be intrigued, interested, and enjoy the curiosities of my work”. Ward

Curator’s Notes
Almost as if the Murray River is her very own, personal backyard, Nat Ward hikes through the hills & wetlands almost every day and takes long swims in the river during Summer.
This complete and constant immersion in nature provides a connection which relates back to her art and the landscape. Back in her studio, Ward uses her memories and photos and translates her story onto canvas, conveying the feeling of being and relating to the natural world.
As Nat Ward comments in her film, “Nature is forever changing and new things to see”, so too are her artworks; a reflection of the nuances, light, shape and patterns constantly evolving. Unexpected myriads sprout in the dancing leaves and branches of Nat Ward’s wetlands paintings. Their rich surfaces reference “mosaics, textiles, hieroglyphics even Asian script.”

“Murray River at Kremur”, Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 120cm
“Nailcan Tracks #2”, Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 120cm
“Nailcan Tracks”, Oil on Canvas, 130cm x 90cm
“Murray River at Kremur Street”, Oil on Canvas, 110cm x 100cm

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