September 18, 2022

Kate Nielsen Interview with Richard Morecroft

Interview & footage by Richard Morecroft
Featuring Kate Nielsen

Kate Nielsen pictured with artwork, ‘Afternoon on Tiyces Lane’

Kate Nielsen’s focus is firmly on interiors and the still life compositions they may contain. With the power of pattern and the dimensionality of vibrant colour, Kate recreates and evolves spaces and objects with which she has a deep familiarity and emotional rapport.
As she explains to Richard Morecroft, it is joy and visual pleasure which are the currency of her constructions. Fabric and furniture, fruit and flowers – these are the elements with which to create decoration and delight.

Kate Nielsen Exhibition | 17 August – 1 October 2022
Rochfort Gallery, 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney

Kate Nielsen
Artwork Left: ‘View from the Sunroom’
Artwork Right: ‘Orange Ginger Lilly with Fruit’
Kate Nielsen, ‘Limes, Avocados and Lemon Tablecloth’
154 x 204cm, oil on linen

“I feel this painting captures the essence of this house and its owner. Sun filled, energetic, colourful, warm and friendly. This house has so many happy memories from my early adult life. The energy and determination and positivity of the owner calls for the bright bursts of colour and energetic brushwork. She is a frequent visitor of the Rozelle Markets, so naturally this house is a visual and sensory feast.

This painting just flowed out of me, the rich patterns, clashing colours and compositional decisions almost took on a life of their own. As I was painting it my mind was filled with memories of warm summer evenings drinking rosè and eating olives to the sound of laughter, music and life. 

It is these memories that drive my painting practice. I feel you must know a place, to really experience it visually and emotionally”.

For artwork enquiries and acquisitions, please contact Rochfort Gallery on 0438 700 712 or visit Wednesday – Sunday, 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.