May 2, 2021

New Beginnings at The River

Curator’s Notes

This film documents new beginnings for artist, Phil Stallard as he packs up his suburban studio and transitions to living and painting at the base of an escarpment off the Macdonald River, near Wisemans Ferry.

The underpinning theme for Stallard is his constant connection to waterways and harbour headlands. With his vibrant colours, geometric lines and spontaneous painterly gestures, he radiates energy and a sense of freedom.

The River.

This series could be described as a mixture of ‘plein air’ direct reporting” with abstraction. The work also contains oblique references to the Parramatta River, flowing out through the heads connected to the Hawkesbury by the wondrous evocative sea.”
Phil Stallard

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Artwork Feature

Macdonald River – Autumn‘ (2020) oil on canvas, 110 x 110cm
Edge of the City‘ (2021) oil, charcoal, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 150cm
Going Up The River‘ (2021) oil, charcoal, acrylic on canvas, 170 x 240cm

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