April 27, 2022

Claire Tozer Interview with Richard Morecroft

Interview & footage courtesy of Richard Morecroft
Filmed 29 March 2022 at Rochfort Gallery

Claire Tozer pictured with artwork, ‘Fractured’ (sold)

My canvases reveal a preoccupation with lines en masse. Abstracted landscapes of coastal native bushland in my local area, including casuarinas and grasses, are the main inspiration for my work. I create my own interpretation of the marks, tones, movements and climate observed.  

I’ve also embarked on several trips into the outback, where the colours, land surfaces and formations are so uniquely beautiful and atmospheric.  Included in my paintings are depictions of wide desert spaces and flat ground surfaces of dryness and heat. 

My technique begins with the photographs I’ve taken when walking or driving through the landscapes. I head back to the studio and paint the form – initially from my photos, then draw over the top and build up my work as I go along, adding more lines and colour. When I’ve finished one layer of lines on the canvas, I always know it’s not enough, so I start again, and another layer goes down.  I add, change, and eliminate lines on the surface, continuing until I’m happy with the result.  

My exhibition ‘Interlace’ at Rochfort Gallery has enabled me to consolidate my works on canvas and I am excited to pursue this development further.  

‘INTERLACE’ Exhibition | 23 March – 8 May 2022

Curator’s Notes:

Every artist has their element, the key primal motif that drives their palette and their symbolism. For Claire Tozer, it is earth, and every delicate life form that moves both beneath and upon it.

Tozer is a profoundly linear artist. With fragile markings, she describes an ecology that is knotty, prolific and febrile. Springing from a background in graphic design, Tozer uses ink pens and fine brushwork to cleave into space and generate scale through detail. Subtle in surface, her work invites scrutiny and rewards the eye with a cosmology embedded in the undergrowth. The soil, like the canvas, is quietly brimming with life.

INTERLACE’ EXHIBITION | 23 March – 8th May 2022

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