April 29, 2020

‘The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir’ by Kobie Bosch

“The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir”
Oil on linen, 102cm x 102cm
$4,280 framed

About the Artwork
“In these unprecedented days of a “global bunking down” with the family, feathers can easily be ruffled in the process of settling into new routines and sharing space. This painting takes a whimsical look at exactly that kind of scenario. The birds featured in this visual narrative, are the Eurasian hoopoe (native to Europe, Asia and the northern half of Africa), the marvellous spatuletail (native to Peru), a peacock (native to India) and my favourite, the lyrebird (native to Australia)”. Bosch

Curator’s Notes
Bosch’s new artworks resonate with our current environment
Universally, we are all spending more time at home at the moment and Bosch, very cleverly captures the inner workings of everyday life, represented by native birds of the world.

“The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir”, Oil on canvas, 102cm x 102cm
$4,280 framed

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Also available
“The Portrait Gallery at Billabong Boudoir”
Oil on linen, 78cm x 78cm
$2,800 framed