May 27, 2020

The Rocks paintings by Paul McCarthy

“George Street, The Rocks”, 122 x 102cm, Oil on linen, (framed in oak)

About the Artwork
“For years, I have spent many days walking the streets of The Rocks, painting or drawing along the way. On several occasions I have been questioned at length by the local security officers, even given a move along order one day when I was drawing; perhaps I looked ambiguous. I found this magnificent vista of The Rocks from a footpath along the Cahill Expressway. I love this view and have drawn and painted from there several times. I love the clutter and architectural details of the old and charming buildings on the left and the contrast of the Museum of Contemporary Art and larger shapes of the right-hand side. I have accentuated the angle of George Street in order to draw the eye in, note how one side is a straight line and the other is a beautiful curve, enticing the viewer into the picture. All of this punctuated by delightful pops of colour sprinkled across the translation of this complex and magnificent subject.” McCarthy

“Dusk from Observatory Hill”, 122 x 102cm, Oil on linen, (framed in oak)

About the Artwork
“A very familiar spot in Sydney for both tourists and locals alike is Observatory Hill. For me, there is subject matter wherever you look; from the beginnings of the Parramatta River to the view of the Harbour Bridge. This painting was done; or should I say started; as the sun was setting after a day of wandering sketching and drinking my way around The Rocks. I love this time of day as the sun sets and the darkness of night begins. Just before the sun disappears for another day there is this brilliant play of light on the buildings. I just love the way the light catches the chimney stacks and clips the walls of the original buildings. Flickering specks of dappled light dance across the harbour to Luna Park, as this icon comes alive in night-time attire. As these elements come to life and the harbour ferry lights all start to become accentuated, the details of the bridge and the distant street slowly fade into a blur as the start of the night life begins. McCarthy

Curator’s Notes
“McCarthy’s Sydney paintings capture a timeless moment in Australian history”
Both artworks, portray a unique and significant artistic documentation of the historical, Rocks precinct. McCarthy brings warm, earthy tones in “George Street, The Rocks” and captures the architectural essence of the heritage sandstone buildings. Interesting to note ‘The Rocks’ name was derived from the rocky sandstone soil discovered in 1788.
Sharing a similar art style with french artist, Claude Monet, the term ‘impressionism‘ comes from a painting by Monet, which he showed in an exhibition with the name Impression, soleil levant (“Impression, Sunrise”). Similarly, McCarthy very romantically captures the sunset in “Dusk from Observatory Hill”, with the hazy Sydney sky overhead and flickering night lights.
Once again, McCarthy brings his vibrant palette to his paintings, giving new, emotional meaning to the colours.

Claude Monet, “Impression, Sunrise”, 1872, Oil on Canvas

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