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September 25, 2022

‘The Vast Arc’ Documentary Film with Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM

Footage by Michael Winters
Music by Jenny Erikkson
Featuring Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM

Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM
Left – Lunar
Right – Southern Lights Aurora Australis

The new work of Barbara Campbell-Allen forges a relationship with country that is both physical and metaphoric. Rich with intricate texture and tonal depth, her work is tactile. Boldly geometric, her sculpted forms have a deeply sentient presence and she is right to call some of them ‘sentinels’, as they stand like guardians, archaic and magnetic. Emerging from the ‘big flat land’ these works present vertical landscapes, a stone forest of plinths, cliffs and gorge formations that give voice to stone.
An established poet of the terrestrial realm, Campbell-Allen cleaves through the density of her medium with weightless finesse.

The Vast Arc | Opening Saturday 8th October, 12 – 2pm
Live electric viola da gamba musical suites played by Jenny Eriksson
8 October – 27 November 2022
Special previews by appointment: Wednesday 5 Oct – Friday 7 Oct. Please call 0438 700 712 to book.
Rochfort Gallery, 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney

Barbara Campbell-Allen OAM
Left Kata Tjuta Whispers I
Right Kata Tjuta Whispers III

“In some ways my monumental sentinel pieces evoke an epic quality, defying the forces of time. This new body of work ‘Kata Tjuta Whispers’, evokes a more tenuous connection to their origins. Teetering upon fragile eroded bases, how they remain standing is one of the enigmas of these great desert stones”

For artwork enquiries and acquisitions, please contact Rochfort Gallery on 0438 700 712 or visit Wednesday – Sunday, 317 Pacific Highway, North Sydney.