The Making of The Billabong Boudoir Series by Kobie Bosch

About the Artwork SeriesThe Billabong Boudoirs was inspired by a series of events that ocurred towards the end of last year, flowing into 2020, all of them etched vividly in my mind: the strangling drought and the furnace of the bushfires in Australia, and then an overseas trip to Europe and the UK. These events […]

Hello World Art Exchange Program

Rochfort Gallery are pleased to participate in Hello World, an international project, where artists throughout the world have submitted artworks to share with all of us. We hope you enjoy this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from our colleagues around the globe. Among the many international artists is Sally Stokes, a seasoned artist at Rochfort […]

Journey through ‘The Green Room’ by Kobie Bosch

“The Green Room” at Billabong BoudoirOil on linen, 102cm x 102cm$4,280 framed About the Artwork:“We miss the experience of going to the theatre in these days of social isolation. There is nothing quite like the energy and immediacy of a live performance. In this painting I have imagined a green room where performers are waiting […]

Dreaming of Cook Islands by Paul McCarthy

About the Artworks:“My love of the Islands of Polynesia started when I took to the wilds of the Society Islands with my French easel and embarked on a journey of discovery. I would return to this region some four times over several years and visiting five of Tahiti’s Islands. On this occasion I was indulging […]

‘The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir’ by Kobie Bosch

“The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir”Oil on linen, 102cm x 102cm$4,280 framed About the Artwork“In these unprecedented days of a “global bunking down” with the family, feathers can easily be ruffled in the process of settling into new routines and sharing space. This painting takes a whimsical look at exactly that kind of scenario. The birds […]

New Artwork Series by Phil Stallard, ‘Sydney Haikus’

We are pleased to bring you the second instalment of our ‘Artist Studio Series’ with, Phil Stallard documenting his new artworks, ‘Sydney Haikus’. Sydney Haikus is a series of paintings by Phil Stallard. The focus for these works has been North Head, a place the artist has explored for many years. It dominates the skyline […]