The Making of The Billabong Boudoir Series by Kobie Bosch

About the Artwork SeriesThe Billabong Boudoirs was inspired by a series of events that ocurred towards the end of last year, flowing into 2020, all of them etched vividly in my mind: the strangling drought and the furnace of the bushfires in Australia, and then an overseas trip to Europe and the UK. These events […]

‘The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir’ by Kobie Bosch

“The Rellies at Billabong Boudoir”Oil on linen, 102cm x 102cm$4,280 framed About the Artwork“In these unprecedented days of a “global bunking down” with the family, feathers can easily be ruffled in the process of settling into new routines and sharing space. This painting takes a whimsical look at exactly that kind of scenario. The birds […]

“The Portrait Gallery at Billabong Boudoir” by Kobie Bosch

“The Portrait Gallery at Billabong Boudoir”Oil on linen, 78cm x 78cm$2,800 About the Artwork“This piece has been inspired by the beauty and elegance found in the intricate design and architecture during a recent trip to Europe. Coming home to Australia, I was delighted when our native wildlife confidently strode into the boudoirs on my canvases, […]